it’s a dive into the unconscious.

The Sea, the Shipwreck, the Island and Salvation, Immortality and the Desire to return.

Places that dwell in the deep depths of being, made of fears and desires.

An ancient “canticle”, the one that tells of an Oceanian Goddess, but present and actual as everything re-looks at Man in his perpetual search for himself.

Odysseus is that Man and the Odyssey, his deeds.

The desire to bring out is our “narrating”.

Bringing to light, through the sound and the evocative power of music, the places of a “Odyssey” that lives in us, in the tortuous path of life.

Audrey Chen, Edoardo Marraffa, Alberto Braida, Luc Ex and Cristiano Calcagnile, will be the protagonists of a story to “relive” in depth, ferrymen of themselves in the voluptuous waters of an unknown sea, unsuspecting seekers, Angels and Demons among membranes, ropes and mighty voices.


  • Audrey Chen – vocals
  • Edoardo Marraffa – sopranino-tenor sax
  • Alberto Braida – piano
  • Luc Ex acoustic – bass
  • Cristiano Calcagnile – drums, percussion