Marco Albert a.k.a. Maikko a.k.a. El Torpe, musician and performer, has developed his artistic path in the domains of electronic music, improvisation and audiovisual performances and works. In 2001, he is among the co-founding members of Milan-based audiovisual collective laboratory Otolab, where the synaesthetic relationship between sound and moving images is investigated. He takes part in developing immersive, audiovisual livemedia performances and installations while contributing in the definition of an audiovisual language that will become the collective’s stylistic hallmark. In 2005, impro trio Newtone2060 is founded by Marco Albert (electronics/voice/effects), Cristiano Calcagnile (drums, objects, table-guitar) and Salvatore Sammartino (vinyls). The trio constantly seeks a visionary musical script through its composite sound ‘palette’ and improvisation. Marco manages Manic Discs, a small music label set up by the trio, whose aim is to document studio work, side projects and collaborations of the trio’s members. In 2009, Clear Mark was born, an audio-visual-dance company with dancer and choreographer Chiara Rosenthal, to put on stage “The Open”, a multimedia show, conceived and directed by Marco Albert and produced by Musica90. Marco’s solo music production, a mix of elements including field-recordings, techno, drones, industrial, blues, has been published by a few international labels such as Stasisfield and Gruenrekorder. In 2010-2011, thanks to No.Mad Records, the electronic blues project album El Torpe is completed, to be published by the label itself. Marco has performed in venues and festivals in Europe, Canada, USA and Mexico.


Marco Albert – voce, effetti
Gabrio Baldacci – chitarra elettrica/baritono
Cristiano Calcagnile – batteria