Ex Æquo is the second release from the duo Paolo Cantù and Xabier Iriondo, frantic musicians, movers of wide series of live and studio projects. And Ex Æquo benefits of these experiences: beginning from the huge deployment of instruments (electric, table and baritone guitars, organs and piano, clarinets and tapes, kalimba and electronics) to the collaborations: behind the drums we find again Cristiano Calcagnile and Lucio Sagone (already in the debut album) Claudia De Simone (Agatha) and Roberto Bertacchini (Sinistri, The Shipwreck Bag Show).

At the voice there’s the “old” friend Federico Ciappini (with the duo in the mid-90s rock heroes Six Minute War Madness) to confirm as for Uncode Duello, this band is the latest project of a story started years ago with Six Minute War Madness and A Short Apnea. Thanks to this contributions Ex Æquo shows a full-coloured sound, a kaleidoscope of rock songs, nervous and intense instrumental suites, proudly recorded and mixed by themselves.

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