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Libero Mureddu – piano, electric clavichord, harpsichord, positive organ, harmonium, synthesizers, voice on # 8
Antonio Borghini – acoustic and electric bass, cello
Cristiano Calcagnile – drums, percussion, amplified metal sheet, glockenspiel, voice on # 7, 8

Produced by Chant
Executive Producer: Chant and Marco Valente
Recording: Sibelius Academy, August 2007 and between July & August 2008
Engineer: James Andean, Libero Mureddu
Cover Photo: Cristiano Calcagnile

All tracks recorded at The Sibelius Academy – Tekno studio, Helsinki, Finland

Engineered, edited and mixed in Jenuary 2009 by James Andean with additional mixing by Libero Mureddu

All composition by Cristiano Calcagnile
except “Tre vie in una stanza” by CHANT, “Il Fuggitivo” by Calcagnile, Mureddu, Dieni, “Postcard from Italy” by Monteverdi, arr. Mureddu

Track list:

About new skies
Tre vie in una stanza
Hold old wine
Nel mezzo
The dar cave (suite)
a) guano tour
b) fruit bat
c) insect bat
d) honey bat
Il fuggitivo
Postcard from Italy