Uncode Duello is a long job creation of experimental music.

Chaotic jazz, improved no-wave, spoken words from other world, heavy sounds landscape…. Lots of adjectives could define this album made by Paolo Cantù and Xabier Iriondo, talentuous italian musician who also worked to A Short Apnea, Tasaday, Six Minute War Madness.

This project began more by an idea, a conversation or a project but the audio result is impressive.
Many guests musicians from Italy joined the recording session of this album.

The album has born from two long sessions of improvisation with two different drummers: Cristiano Calcagnile and Lucio Sagone, and from the following selection of recordings, interacting with other people we asked a contribution: Federico Ciappini and Andrea Reali‘s voices, Alberto Morelli‘s piano and the voice. The explored territory is on the border of the “sonorous landscape” in which A Short Apnea moved, in a musical limbo where free-rock and improvisation are the masters. Techniques and skills recall the ways that A Short Apnea used in past. The massive insertion of voices, concrete musics and electronic treatments imposes a different vision of arrangements and mixing. Uncode Duello is published by Wallace Records and Ebria Records, old and new friends, expressions of a common vision to mean the independence.

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